May 20, 2024

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A Person Who Is Edentulous Has To Face Different Impacts

A person who is edentulous has lost their natual teeth completely.

A person who is edentulous has completely lost their natural teeth. Relatively, we all know that having missing teeth is not a good idea at all. In this case, you may opt for dentures or ask your dentist for other treatment options. Given this point, you can still bring back your usual oral condition.

Fortunately, dentistry nowadays offers treatment options that look and function like natural teeth. As a result, no one will know there are missing teeth in those areas. So, if you are edentulous or wholly lost your teeth, there’s still hope for them. Smile restoration is on its way to you. Welcome it with open arms and smile again. Dental 266’s clinic located in Burwood can help restore your teeth at an affordable price. Check out their site today.


What is an edentulous person?

Despite the complete loss of teeth, this old, beautiful lady still manages to smile.A person who is edentulous has experienced toothlessness or having no teeth. Additionally, the lack of teeth can either come from permanent extraction or missing in the first place. An edentulous person can either have partial missing teeth or fully edentulous.

In actuality, various factors can lead a person to become toothless. In this case, we have taken down note of these causes for your information.

Aside from these factors, other health issues and habits can increase the risk of losing teeth.

  • hypertension
  • diabetes
  • poor nutrition
  • smoking
  • arthritis

Given these points, it would be best to address them before they lead to permanent loss of teeth. Moreover, missing teeth are indeed something that can affect a person’s quality of life, appearance, and oral functions.

Additionally, edentulism can affect both adults and seniors. And unfortunately, even children can experience this as well. Partial edentulism refers to the loss of one or more teeth. As for the loss of all teeth, the term they use is complete edentulism.

In this case, please allow us to explain further the impacts of edentulism.


A Person who is Edentulous has to Face Different Impacts

Generally speaking, losing teeth or even a single tooth can have various impacts. As we mentioned earlier, it affects a person’s quality of life, appearance, and oral functions. Specifically, here are the effects of missing teeth, especially on general health.

  • After losing a few teeth or all of them, it would no longer be easy to munch on fruits and vegetables. In effect, the nutrients to support the needs of general health are at risk.
  • Additionally, it can also lead to bone loss, affecting the overall facial structure.
  • Another aspect that can receive an impact is socialization. An edentulous person will have fears of socializing due to this condition.
  • Furthermore, losing all teeth can even affect a person emotionally, making them lose self-esteem.
  • Besides that, toothlessness makes people look older.
  • For the most part, a person who is edentulous has decreased chances of smiling.

These conditions will indeed affect someone’s overall quality of life. But, on the other hand, there is still hope. Our dental professionals will not fail us on this. The world of dentistry offers several treatment options such as mouthguards to restore and save us from these negative impacts.


Treatment Options for an Edentulous Person

As we said a while ago, our dentists offer various treatment options for missing teeth. Fortunately, these restorative options look and function like natural teeth. So without further ado, let’s get to know these treatment methods.

1 Dental Implants

Complete dentures supported by dental implants.Dental implants are restorative devices that allow the dentist to replace missing teeth. These devices serve as artificial tooth roots, which will integrate into the bones later on. Additionally, dental implants often work together with dental crowns.

Crowns are artificial teeth on top of dental implants. On the positive side, these crowns look exactly like natural teeth. So no one will notice that they are dental devices only. However, it is best to consult the dentist to know if implants apply to the elderly.

2 Partial Dentures

With attention to partial dentures, these options apply if a person has one or more missing teeth on one side of the mouth. Removable partial dentures include artificial teeth attached to a pink or gum-colored base. Additionally, it applies both for the upper or the lower missing teeth.

3 Complete Dentures

There are two types of complete dentures. It can either be conventional or immediate. A traditional denture requires time for its preparation, while immediate dentures are those they made in advance. But then again, both function as replacements for the complete loss of teeth.


In the final analysis, a person who is edentulous has a chance to restore their oral condition. For this reason, they can still restore the quality of life that they have been missing all this time. A bright smile can still foster in their faces.

Overall, the key to understanding these treatment options is a dental visit. A conversation with the dentist will lead to an excellent restoration for missing teeth.