June 10, 2024

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Holiday Retirement Home: A Place as Comfortable as Real Home

An old lady spending time with an aide in the holiday retirement home.

A holiday retirement home is a place where seniors can stay and receive the care they deserve. It is a senior living provider that can offer assisted living, independent living, nursing homes, and memory care. Nowadays, several medical and care providers are starting to grow and show up. Mediboost can help you with your new healthcare clinic to boost its connection to the market.


Holiday retirement home

Our seniors still deserve the love and care when they reach their golden years. In this case, a holiday retirement home is one of the places with a team full of dedication to do this. Senior adults want to stay in a secure, comfortable, and worry-free environment as much as possible.

In general, senior care has various types that the elderly can choose from according to their preference. Let us differentiate each of them according to their offers.

Independent living

This senior living option does not provide seniors assistance with their daily living activities, such as bathing, dressing, and grooming. For this reason, it is often less expensive than assisted living, which we will discuss afterward.

Older adults at this senior care option can live on their own. However, most of the older adults in this care type still want to achieve convenience, reach out to the community, and gain peace of mind.

Independent living provides opportunities to have involvement in the community and social engagement. In this setup, older adults can still have time to pursue their passions. They will not encounter any problem concerning transportation for being socially active.


Assisted living

This type provides seniors with long-term housing and care services. Our senior adults can expect the following assistance in this type.

  • personal care
  • medicine management
  • provision of nutritious meals
  • transportation
  • laundry
  • care coordination
  • mobility assistance
  • housekeeping
  • social activities
  • home maintenance and repairs

Apart from these services, assisted living can do more, especially supporting activities of daily living (ADLs). It helps families and seniors to gain peace of mind and improved quality of life. Moreover, senior adults can enjoy the company of the neighbors and staff members. This type of senior care is the most fast-growing type among those in need of it.


Nursing homes

This senior care type also offers the following services for our older adults:

However, they require skilled nursing services in nursing homes. It involves providing 24-hour medical care and supervision. In this case, skilled nursing services may add up to the higher cost at nursing homes. Generally speaking, the seniors inside the nursing homes often require a higher level of care and assistance.


Home care

It is an excellent option for those seniors who decided to age in place. This senior care option involves home care aides with sufficient training in providing care for older adults. They can also provide companionship and assistance for ADLs, such as light housekeeping, cooking, transportation, and more.

Home care provides one-on-one care focusing on individual needs. However, home care cannot offer continuing learning opportunities for seniors. Besides that, home care aides base their level of care according to the seniors’ needs, while cost computation depends on the type of care provided.

Furthermore, home care also involves making adjustments with the house’s setup, considering safety and accessibility. However, these adjustments may not take place instantly. Planning is essential, including the costs.


Senior adults’ desire

Generally speaking, we still desire to receive love and affection even we reach the golden years of our lives. We still want to receive all the care and support from our families. However, it is not the same with every family’s condition.

For this reason, a holiday retirement home is a place to run for help. It is the place where we can find people willing to extend support for older adults. Aside from willingness, we can ensure that these people have sufficient training and education.

This way, the elderly will receive the care they need to keep them going through this life’s journey. They will still have the opportunities to live their life fruitfully and not alone. Additionally, they will still enjoy what life has to offer for them.

Given this point, age cannot hinder achieving happiness and contentment for these seniors. Seniors no longer demand material things at their age. At this point in their lives, they desire love, care, and attention the most. A senior’s heart is more desiring to make happy memories while they are still here with us.


What to consider when choosing a holiday retirement home?

Holiday retirement home financing stability is essential.There are various considerations in line before deciding which senior living care option is appropriate. It includes the facility’s financial stability, its environment, or the facility’s complaint history if there are any.

Of course, in the end, we still aim for what’s best for older adults. We should at least give them the benefit of staying in a place where they can have peace of mind and comfort. This way, the elderly will not worry about how their daily life will pass. Let’s offer them the security they deserve.